A century-old company

For over 130 years, Tissage des Flandres has been creating, weaving and manufacturing collections of top-of-the-range jacquard patterns to dress the interiors of today and tomorrow. The workshops are located in Lys-Lez-Lannoy, in the heart of the historic textile basin of Northern France.

Founded in 1890 by Jean Deffrennes-Canet and Edouard Catrice, the company began as a workshop specialising in the manufacture of tapestries, rugs, prayer rugs and velvets. In 1983, it became Tissage des Flandres, specialising in decorative tapestries.

From design to weaving to the finished product, our workshops bring together the entire production chain, guaranteeing 100% French manufacturing.

Sera di primavera collection
Macha Armchair © Studio Chloé Nègre
Tissus jacquard design © Studio Chloé Nègre
Photo © Mattia Borgioli


Jacquard fabric can be adapted to a variety of surfaces and can be plain, with placed motifs or all-over, i.e. a continuous and regular repetition of motifs over the entire surface. The Tissage des Flandres Jacquard is manufactured in 6 stages, from warping to finishing, including the creation of the cardboard, which today, with the help of computer software, allows very precise weaving.